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NEW Crystal Grid Class

Crystal Grid ClassThis online mini course delivered in pdf format on crystal grids is perfect for someone just getting started. It includes explanations as to why crystals work, instructions, blank templates and 6 of my most requested crystal grid layouts that take all the guesswork out of making grids. All you have to do is buy the                                                   stones!

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Lucky Crystal Combo

This crystals for luck and money combo is perfect if you are planning a night at the casino or just need to attract some cash into your life.  You will need 1 of each :   Green Aventurine is known as the Good Luck Stone. It attracts money and is a wonderful...

How to make a chi ball

One of the most overlooked miracle causing tools anyone can use is a chi ball. Whether you are attuned to Reiki or not this wonderful tool can be used by all. Chi balls are incredibly easy to make, don't take much time and can be done anywhere. Most Reiki teachers now...

Reiki and death

When I first began volunteering at my local hospice, giving Reiki sessions on the dying and grieving felt exactly right. I loved it (still do). It is my way of giving back and easing the hurts associated with end of life. So while I went along feeling great about what...

What the heck is Reiki?

When I was first introduced to Reiki 20 years ago I suffered from anxiety attacks. I was a constant ball of stress. I had tried meditation but could never quiet my mind down enough to get any real benefit. Reiki was my saving grace. It allowed me to be medication...


I offer a wide range of healings, readings, classes and guidance for you to forge ahead on your path. Join me and begin the journey to the life you have only dared dream of. Grounded, joyful, inspired and fully connected with your passion and purpose.

Angela, thank you so much for this reading. It is so appreciated to get some spiritual confirmation.

-Katie R.

I really needed this. I just feel so relaxed and centered. Thank you!!

-Gayle M.

Oh, thank you so much, Angela! This so resonates with and within me, all of the reading.

Leposava T.

I could feel tingling all the way to my toes WOW!

-Kerry P.

Thanks for being so kind Angela, I will surely contact you for another session.

-Priya N.

Thank you so much <3 The reading gave me the clarity, that I needed

-Gitte F.

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